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What’s the Difference Between Merino Wool and Shetland Wool?

Merino wool and Shetland wool are two different types of wool that can both be used to make wool sweaters, [Read More]

grampians goods co woollen jumper grampians goods co woollen jumper

Why Wool Pilling Isn’t a Sign of Poor Quality

Pilling is a natural, inevitable occurrence amongst products that are made using wool fibres. Unfortunately, there are a lot of [Read More]

Heritage Collection Recycled Wool Tartan Blankets — FAQs

Whenever I do a market or event I have the opportunity to greet customers face-to-face and chat all things recycled [Read More]

Buy From The Bush — A Grampians Goods Co. & Graziher Collaboration

A strong advocate for rural and regional Australian businesses, especially those with women at the helm, Claire Dunne and her [Read More]

An Introduction from Amanda — Founder of The Grampians Goods Co.

Welcome to my world of practical style, where elegance and exploration meet luxury and nurturing. I launched The Grampians Goods [Read More]