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Digital Asset Guidelines

Digital Asset Guidelines for Wholesalers

A big part of the strength of this community—that is you, this wonderful network of stockists—is the collective power that we have to spread the love, to share my little pieces of the Grampians (and further afield) with the rest of the country.

We have the power to collectively paint the most exquisite canvas; whimsical spring picnic spreads and rugged road trips with our adventure range, and the slow, nurturing moments of self-care with our hair, body, and aromatherapy candle collections.

It’s vital that these beautiful stories are well-supported with both high-quality, gorgeous imagery, and well-written product descriptions and website copy.

This is why I invest heavily in creating these assets by engaging some of the most talented local and regional photographers, stylists and copywriters out there.

As this is a big investment for me, I require that you follow these few digital asset guidelines:

Imagery Guidelines

  • Please do not pull images directly from my website without permission for any reason, the images are licensed exclusively to me and my relationship with the photographers I work with is really important to me.
  • These images are compressed so that they are suitable files for websites and social media—please DO NOT use these for print, or supply these to any third parties as they are licensed for use strictly on your GGCo. product listings on your website only and for social media specifically promoting your retailing of GGCo. products.
  • Please do not alter any of the images or assets, whether that’s from the Dropbox folder, or from my social media posts. This means, please don’t add a filter, edit, enhance or add your own artwork overlay such as text or logo on top of the image.
  • Please do not use the images for website category banners or webpage design or for general advertising of your own sales or promotional activities – please use your own photography investment for this purpose.

Social Media Guidelines

  • If you notice an image on social media that you love and would like to share, you’re welcome to screenshot and repost, but please only use the images to specifically promote a GGCo. product that you stock or a direct reference to your retailing The Grampians Goods Co. brand.
  • Please ensure to follow social media sharing etiquette by tagging both @grampians_goods_co and the photographer (if I have mentioned them) in your caption, and by tagging the actual image. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask, a quick DM will do the trick!

Website Copy & Product Description Guidelines

  • Please do not copy and paste my product descriptions from my website for your own website. Search engines can down-rank duplicate copy, negatively impacting everyone involved.
  • If you’re stuck, please feel free to gain inspiration and tone direction from our website copy and product descriptions, but remember to create your own personalised descriptions suited to your unique customer base and be wary of plagiarism.

THANK YOU in Advance 🙏🏽

I know it can be tricky to know what’s kosher when it comes to sharing and resharing digital assets online and on social media.

It is important however, that all GGCo. Stockists & Wholesalers understand that the assets I purchase were produced by independent Australia-based creatives who are running businesses that contribute to their local community.

By sharing these digital asset guidelines with you, I am attempting to protect not just my own investment but the integrity and hard work of these photographers and creatives.

I have so much respect and admiration for them and I believe that their work should be treated with professionalism accordingly. I really appreciate your cooperation on this – thank you in advance!

If you do have any questions or concerns about any of the above, or would like any clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out at