The pungent and unique scent of the clove accentuates the sweetness of the seductive jasmine.

This powerful combination will get you in touch with your body and enhance your awareness.

Dive deep into the moment and experience love to the fullest, with the help of what can only be described as a powerful aphrodisiac. Open up and embrace the raw, magnetic power of nature. Notice the beauty surrounding you and appreciate the little things.

Elevate your mood and AWAKEN THE SENSES, every day, unapologetically.

Furthermore, you'll find out that the warming effect of Clove and Jasmine is used to invigorate a fatigued body and protect from the harsh effects of cold and wet weather!

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  • Aromatherapy Candle

  • Grampians Grown Luxe Lotion

  • Nude Soap Bundle

  • Travel Tin Candle