Made in the Grampian region in Scotland from 100% pure Supersoft Shetland wool, our Fair Isle knits are made for versatility, luxury and rugged romanticism...


The classic Fair Isle pattern infuses a refined splash of colour on the collar and cuff, and harks back to the culture and heritage in the Northern and North-Eastern Isles of Scotland.

Using a complex and innovative garment technique that produces zero yarn waste, these Scottish knits are seam-free, making them sit snug and streamlined while avoiding the bulky side seams found in most other knits.

From the most rugged mountain adventures to the cosiest couch snuggles, your Fair Isle sweater can go anywhere with you; it’s perfect to pair with jeans for a casual coffee date, or even over a dress for a night out.

Its natural fibres are easy to care for with a gentle handwash and a touch of admiration!
These new knits are the result of true workmanship and we’re delighted to bring a piece of the Scottish Grampian region to our Australian Grampians. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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  • Pure Wool Fair Isle Knit – Denim

  • Pure Wool Fair Isle Knit – Oatmilk

  • Pure Wool Fair Isle Knit – Silver

  • Pure Wool Fair Isle Knit – Spruce