Tantalising and penetrating. A refreshing alloy of earthy and warm notes.

It's a blend that grounds your inner self and brings out your assertiveness.

The resinous, forest-like scent of this essential oil will provide “yang” masculine energy from which to draw ambition and courage.

Like the grand, majestic Grampians, it stabilises and cools your emotions – and it has a strong “kick” that will improve your mood!

Siberian Fir and Cedarwood are the key combination for CONFIDENCE, especially for the days where nothing goes right...

The several therapeutic properties of this blend (anti-bacterial, helps with sores, muscle aches etc) make it a perfect ingredient for our topical lotions.

  • Aromatherapy Candle

  • Grampians Grown Luxe Lotion

  • Nude Soap Bundle

  • Sandstone Soap Scrub – Scotch Pine & Cedarwood

  • Travel Tin Candle