Aromatherapy Candle Collection

Inspired by the rugged grandeur of the Grampians region in Australia’s rural Western Victoria, The Grampians Goods Co. Aromatherapy Candle Collection has been consciously hand-poured using a plant-based blend of eco-friendly cocosoy wax and scented exclusively with bespoke, 100% pure essential oil blends.

We have created a scented candle that is sophisticated in its subtlety, luxurious in its simplicity and honours the raw beauty of our natural surrounds.

We proudly offer a 100% natural-alternative scented candle with aromatherapeutic properties that is clean burning and non-toxic, without pollutants or carcinogens.

There are NO nasties in our wax, NO synthetics in our scents and NO lead or zinc in our pure cotton wicks.

Grampians Grown Body Collection

Born from a vision to create a truly authentic body care range that enhances the sensory experience of our Aromatherapy Candle Collection, we proudly present the Grampians Grown Body Collection.

Our Lather//Lotion Duets are handcrafted from locally-grown organic olive oil from Grampians Olive Co., hemp seed oil from local farms, and are scented exclusively with bespoke blends of 100% pure essential oils.

The Grampians Grown Sandstone Soap Scrub, Hemp Husk Hand Scrubs & Cleansing Body Bars are handmade using a traditional cold-process soap-making method and are palm oil-free. They feature fine-ground pumice inspired by the sandstone bedrock of Gariwerd and locally-grown hemp husks respectively, as well as the Grampians Olive Co. organic olive oil and our pure essential oil blends.

GGCo. Adventure Collection

The GGCo. Adventure Collection brings a touch of the Grampians’ outdoor lifestyle to every home from the country to the coast with thoughtfully designed pieces that bring an element of luxury & comfort to every outdoor adventure.

Made in Australia, our All-Weather Adventure Blankets and Paddock Pillows™ bring you the quintessential Australian outdoor experience, just… ‘posher’.

Our All-Weather Adventure Blankets are made here in Victoria, Australia, with authentic Scottish clan tartan recycled wool & lined with an Australian waxed cotton canvas oilskin backing. They’re waterproof and they pack down easily – perfect for road trips!

Pair that with our Australian Made Paddock Pillows™ – the ultimate outdoor comfort accessory – and you’ll be out in the field before you can say ‘how’s the serenity?’

Signal Peak - Grampians National Park

Social & Sustainable Ethos

With the strongest desire to create a force for good by integrating philanthropy into every purchase, The Grampians Goods Co. partners with the following brands to activate powerful opportunities to make a positive investment in the future:

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