Some of us love to adventure with just a touch of luxury, and a splash of comfort.

And that’s why we’ve designed a range of Australian adventure essentials that are both durable and elegant, practical and luxurious...


Made in Australia, our All-weather Adventure Blankets and Paddock Pillows bring you the quintessential Australian outdoor experience, just… ‘posher.’

Whether it’s relaxed paddock parties, your post-hike wind-down, or a family picnic in the local National Park, our adventure collection has you covered!

Our All-weather Adventure Blankets are made here in Victoria, Australia, with authentic Scottish tartan recycled wool and lined with an Australian waxed cotton canvas oilskin backing. They’re waterproof and they pack down easily – perfect for road trips!

Pair that with our Australian Made Paddock Pillows – the ultimate outdoor comfort accessory – and you’ll be out in the field before you can say ‘how’s the serenity?’

Both our Adventure Blankets and Paddock Pillows are eco-friendly and made with recycled wool—instead of virgin Merino wool fibre, older blankets & garments and mil offcuts are separated into colour groups and then shredded, spun & processed together to make a new, recycled yarn—which is durable and practical; perfect for the Australian outdoors.

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