Social Media and Email Marketing Offers and Discount Promotions — Terms & Conditions

The Grampians Goods Co. runs sponsored digital advertising campaigns and promotional offers on social media platforms.

The offers in these promotions are:

  • Strictly time-sensitive.
  • Subject to product availability.
  • Redeemable once per customer (single use only).
  • Limited to one offer (eg. free gift OR discount) per transaction.
  • Not redeemable or applicable to already discounted or sale items.
  • Redeemable exclusively with the use of the relevant coupon code OR via the specified link within the advertisement copy, call-to-action buttons in the advertisement or other specified link within email marketing communications:

ie. In order to function correctly and have the advertised offer applied, the customer transaction must take place within the same browser session, that is, a customer must click on the promotional link, and then complete their purchase within the automatically-opened browser session that launches upon activation of that link.

Customers are advised that the promotional offer will not be automatically applied to the cart until the checkout, or in the instance of a coupon code being required, the discount will not be applied unless the correct code is input by the customer.

The offer may also not be applied if a customer clicks on a promotional link and then does not complete their purchase within the same browser session launched by the platform upon which they came across the promotional link, nor can a customer access the website on another device or application at another time and expect the advertised offer to automatically apply. The automatic application of the discount to the cart is triggered specifically by the input of the relevant coupon code or the activation of the link in the body copy of the advertisement, call-to-action button or other link in other communications such as email marketing.

Example | Facebook advertisement link in copy:

Example | Instagram advertisement SHOP NOW button:

We cannot provide a refund or store credit for items purchased before or after the promotion period and take no responsibility for human error resulting in the promotional discount not being applied to your cart from not clicking on the promotional link and making a purchase within the browser session automatically opened upon this action.

Please Note:

  • Additional discounts cannot be applied to sale items.
  • Current discount cannot be applied to past orders; price adjustments are not allowed.
  • Fair Isle sweaters are exempt at all times from all promotions & offers. This condition applies regardless of the imagery used on Facebook or Instagram ads or sponsored posts of which the content is randomly selected by a user-generated content algorithm and is therefore out of the control of The Grampians Goods Co. All existing coupon codes are not applicable to Fair Isle sweaters.

Finally, we reserve the right to offer promotional discounts exclusively to specific products and purchases made within the time parameters of the promotion period.


If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at: