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Six Summer Picnic Spots in the Southern Grampians

Six Summer Picnic Spots in the Southern Grampians

If you’re anything like us, you LOVE a summer picnic. Well, it's time to fill your picnic basket with delicious goodies and head outside. Make sure that you don’t forget your Grampians Goods Co All-Weather Adventure Blanket! Here are six great summer picnic spots in the Southern Grampians for you to choose from.

summer picnic in the grampians

Picnic spot #1—Dunkeld Arboretum

The Dunkeld Arboretum is 18 hectares of pure picnic bliss. Here you’ll find towering red gums for shade, several ponds that make up a thriving wetland ecosystem and walking tracks that you can explore before you set up for your picnic.

If you turn your view skyward, you’ll notice the stunning Mt Sturgeon peak towering over you, one of the many mountains found within Grampians National Park (Gariwerd).

  • Distance from Melbourne: Just over 3 hours drive
  • Need to know: If you fancy fishing in the lakes, you’ll need a fishing licence. Learn more.

Picnic spot #2—Salt Creek Cottage, Dunkeld

Now a list of picnic spots would not be complete without including Salt Creek Cottage—holiday accommodation that has been curated by us, Grampians Goods Co.

A nostalgic outpost at the southern gateway to Victoria’s glorious Grampians mountain wilderness, Salt Creek Cottage is nestled in the heart of the historic township of Dunkeld, a gentle walk from the main street, shops, cafe’s and the iconic Royal Mail Hotel.

Set up for a picnic either on the deck with our umbrella set up for shade, or find yourself a dreamy garden location to set up in.

Photo credit: Marnie Hawson

Picnic spot #3—Hamilton Botanic Gardens

First planted out in 1870, Hamilton Botanic Gardens contains four hectares of stunning picnic options. There’s plenty to explore for both kids and adults alike, and you might even find some picturesque photo opportunities at the iconic bridge—just like something out of a Monet painting!

You’ll find picnic and BBQ facilities, as well as ample picnic spots to settle at for the day.

  • Distance from Melbourne: 3.5-hour drive
  • Need to know: Hamilton Botanic Gardens are one of the earliest provincial botanic gardens in Australia!

Picnic spot #4—Lake Hamilton

Lake Hamilton is set amongst 25 hectares of parkland, with beaches, bushland, grassy areas, and all the picnic facilities and amenities you could ever want.

If you’re picnicking with kids, why not bring your bikes along and have a pedal beforehand? It’ll make those packed sandwiches taste even better!

picnic blanket and pillows grampians goods co

Picnic spot #5—Freshwater Lake Reserve

Just north of Dunkeld, you’ll find Freshwater Lake Reserve and camping ground. In this quiet campground, set yourself up amongst the towering eucalypts and take in views of the surrounding mountains.

In the cooler months, you can even bring along some firewood and have yourself a rustic campfire BBQ with the family.

Stay for a short picnic and head back to Dunkeld for some cosy accommodation, or why not set up your tent and spend the evening watching the stars dance their way across the sky.

Picnic spot #6—Mount Picaninny (Bainggug)

If you’re up for a bit of a stroll to your picnic spot, The Picaninny is a 2.4km return hike, which takes most people around 1.5 hours to walk (return).

Set up your picnic blanket and all your goodies, and enjoy majestic views of Mt Sturgeon and Mt Abrupt, as well as Dunkeld and surrounding farmland.

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So, what are you waiting for? Grab your picnic basket, adventure blanket and your paddock pillows, and head outside to make the most of the sunny weather while it’s here.

Any other spots you love in the Southern Grampians? Let us know in the comments below!

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