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About Us


At The Grampians Goods Co., we value the moments that transcend the modality of everyday life. We infuse simple, everyday acts, with the aesthetics of elegance and exploration. We paint the ordinary with wide brushes of implicit luxury, allowing you to celebrate your own authentic self-expression…

Here at GGCo. we create and curate a natural lifestyle product collection that goes beyond simple utility. Inspired by the rugged grandeur of the Grampians region—the landscape and cultivated surrounds—we bridge the gap between your need for nurturing and your adventure spirit. We offer to you honest goods that will elevate your senses, aligning any given space with your own sense of style and individuality.

Snuggle up with our recycled wool Scottish clan tartan blankets, be transported when when you light one of our synthetic fragrance-free aromatherapy candles — and share these goods with your loved ones!

For the adventurer in you—the bold traveller—we hope our products accompany your journey, reminding you of what you value but most importantly, of what you deserve. Because with Grampians Goods Co, you don’t simply “buy things”, you shop everlasting moments of unpretentious luxury.

The Story

Hi! I’m Amanda, founder and creator of The Grampians Goods Co.

My journey began back in 2016 when, tired of purchasing candles scented with overpowering and headache-inducing synthetic fragrances and frustrated with the lack of natural, eco-friendly alternatives available, I had the idea to start making my own Aromatherapy Candles scented using only 100% pure essential oils.

Although it began with a range of hand poured candles made with a plant-based blend of eco-friendly cocosoy wax and bespoke, 100% pure essential oil blends, my vision was much bigger! I wanted to ultimately build a brand, a platform where people could shop online for all sorts of soulfully made or thoughtfully curated authentic products and gifts that told a story and provided a point of connection to something deeper.

I also wanted to create a vehicle through which others could experience the laidback lifestyle here in the Grampians region and rural Australia generally; to create a connection to that through sensory products like aromatherapy candles, skincare made with locally-sourced ingredients and home wares that tell story about where we live, our natural surroundings and our way of life.

I hope that these thoughtfully created and curated products act as a conduit, inspiring you in the simplest of moments, transporting you to a place, a scent, a memory, every time you light a Grampians Goods Co. candle, snuggle in a tartan wool blanket, or nurture yourself with clean skincare.

I hope that they evoke in you feelings of joy and a sense of adventure; that they act as a way for you to share stories of the rugged landscape, the rich heritage, the local produce and producers, and the spirit of the artisan.

Whilst remaining true to my original vision with collections of thoughtfully curated home wares, bath & body products and handcrafted goods, The Grampians Goods Co. continues to evolve through various collaborations with other artists, artisans and producers who draw inspiration from the majestic wonder of the natural world, the adventure spirit and the magic of creating something with their bare hands.

I’m so honoured to share this pursuit with you, thanks for stopping by!

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