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Our Regional Road Trip Podcast Playlist (With Belinda from Hold Cottage)

Our Regional Road Trip Podcast Playlist (With Belinda from Hold Cottage)

Train Belinda Hold Cottage Tim Bean Photography - Grampians Goods Co

I adore regional road trips, especially when I travel through New South Wales and Victoria. I love the country and I love nothing more than to jump in the car, pop on a great podcast playlist, and take a road trip to somewhere I haven’t been before.

I love discovering more about the history of our country, and I fall deeply for main streets—the old world architecture intrigues and delights.

And, perhaps my greatest love of all... rusty old sheds that have been sitting in overgrown paddocks for who knows how long.

Train platform Belinda Neame Hold Cottage Tim Bean Photography Grampians Goods Co

During this COVID era, road tripping hasn’t been as easy to plan for, but I do have a few places on my bucket list.

I’m yet to discover Mudgee in NSW, and would love to. It has been on the top of my NSW list since before COVID lockdowns began. I can’t wait to explore the area.

I would also LOVE to visit the Grampians—it’s at the top of my list of regions to visit in Victoria! I cannot wait to check in at Salt Creek Cottage and discover the beautiful Grampians region.

Country stables Belinda Hold Cottage Tim Bean Photography - Grampians Goods Co

And as a solid favourite to return to, I absolutely adore Carcoar in NSW. I have visited many times before, and I always enjoy the historical beauty of this town, wandering the streets past the old buildings and laneways. It’s quite honestly like driving into an old world movie scene; the mystery, the history and the thoughts of who used to live there all those years ago. It’s also home to the most divine country store – Tomolly. It’s retail therapy at its best!

When I’m in the country, I feel free, I feel happy. So for me, a long road trip is my conduit for that happiness, that freedom.

And one of the absolute joys of a long road trip? A good, reliable podcast playlist. So, I’ve put together a pick of some of my favourite podcast episodes for you to sink your teeth into on your next road trip through regional Australia.

All images by Tim Bean Photography

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  1. Laurence Clark & The Queen Of The Skies (Qantas Boeing 747) (Extra Ordinary Outback Stories)
  2. Georgie Mattschoss is cultivating conversation about mental ill health (Life on the Land)
  3. Julie Gibbs: The Comeback Queen (Unpaused)
  4. Ten years in business with Incy Interiors (A Friend of Mine)
  5. Riparide | Soul-fulfilling escapes to unplug from the modern-day world (One Wild Ride)
  6. Interview with Amanda Cochran (Motherland Australia)
  7. Penny Ashby from Lady Kate wants to tell you about Wool (Company)
  8. Interview with Cassie Cox (Married to the Land)
  9. Natasha Morgan and her Oak and Monkey Puzzle life (Futuresteading)

1—Laurence Clark & The Queen Of The Skies (Qantas Boeing 747) (Extra Ordinary Outback Stories)

“It's 1942 and Laurence Clark is climbing into a plane, a Sunderland to be specific. He is part of the Air Force and has been selected to fly within the Australian Squadron, an elite few, flying in England during World War 11

But what happens when the fighting stops and you head home after three years abroad? Well, you start working for Australia's largest aviation company of course. @qantas hired Laurence just moments after his feet were planted firmly on home soil and he continued with them for over 37 years, flying around the world, being a test pilot in some of the worlds FIRST and most notable planes.

Just late last year Qantas retired the Queen Of The Skies, the last @boeing 747 in a spectacular farewell flight out of Sydney to California where it was mothballed. The jumbo was extremely familiar to all of us and of course to Laurence - in fact he was one of the first pilots to ever fly a Boeing 747!!! And he shows us his logbook, clocking up tens of thousands of hours in the cockpit. But his most Notable flight was in 1971, the first flight out of Seattle to Deliver Qantas first Boeing 747 to the Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney.

In this podcast Laurence tells us of his time working alongside Freddy Fox a dear friend and captain. He tells us of growing up during the depression and his time in the war and flying around the world , oh and I forgot to mention … Laurence had a stint flying for the royal family too.”

Listen now

2—Georgie Mattschoss is cultivating conversation about mental ill health (Life on the Land)

This episode has some language which isn’t suitable for little ears, and deals with the aftermath of a bushfire and mental ill health. If this brings anything up for you, you can speak with someone right now at Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Today's guest Georgia Mattschoss is a mum and farmer from South Australia.

What a rollercoaster Georgia has ridden. A series of unforeseen circumstances have thrown some serious curveballs at Georgia over the last decade and her story, which she shares with Emily Herbert, is ultimately one of survival and triumph through some pretty dark times.

A defining moment in Georgia’s life was in 2011, when her dad was tragically killed in a farming accident, something that Georgia and her family continue to grapple with up to this day."

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3—Julie Gibbs: The Comeback Queen (Unpaused)

“Julie Gibbs was the doyenne of the Australian publishing world when her 11-year-old creation, the Penguin imprintLANTERN, became the sacrificial lamb in a corporate merger. Julie reveals the fallout of that uninvited pause in her career and explains how she has come back stronger than ever from it with a carefully considered reinvention. Julie reveals how she reconfigured her creative talents and mobilised an incredibly close network of talented professionals emerging at the other end with a new business venture and a renewed zest for being back at work.”

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4—Ten years in business with Incy Interiors (A Friend of Mine)

Incy Interiors was founded in 2011 by interiors enthusiast, Kristy Withers. The business was born from a surprisingly difficult search for her son Oscar’s first “big boy bed”.

Kristy left her role with eBay, and using her corporate marketing experience she launched Incy Interiors, debuting a range of retro style iron beds and cots.

The stylish range has since expanded to encompass around 70 products and is available across the globe. In fact, one of her most recent customer’s is queen of tennis, Serena Williams.

But the road to 10 years in business hasn’t been straight forward or smooth sailing. In fact, Kristy almost didn’t make it past the eight year mark.

Kristy shares with us what it took to push through that challenge, the key things that have helped Incy Interiors experience continual growth, the impact of running a global business on her family and health, and some must visit places in Milthorpe and Orange in NSW.

Meet my friend Kristy from Incy Interiors."

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5—Riparide | Soul-fulfilling escapes to unplug from the modern-day world (One Wild Ride)

“Riparide is a travel platform focused on unique properties and experiences in regional Australia. Much more than a standard accommodation booking site, Riparide is a highly curated portal into nature adventures. Born as an antidote to the modern world Riparide strives to inspire people to unplug from the city and head outdoors in search of fulfilling moments. Whether it’s a beautiful waterfall or a cabin in the wilderness it's about pursuing moments that restore balance and bring fulfilment to our lives.”

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6—Interview with Amanda Cochran (Motherland Australia)

“This week I catch up with rural mum Amanda Cochran from Victoria. Amanda runs a successful business called the Grampians Goods Co, and is busy raising three kids on the land. But, she's a mum of four.

Amanda's beautiful daughter Gemma passed away almost 10 years ago from SIDS at 8 weeks old.

It's not something she's shared so openly and publicly before, so I thank her for sharing her journey with me, and with you in such a powerfully honest way.

This is her story.”

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7—Penny Ashby from Lady Kate wants to tell you about Wool (Company)

Penny Ashby is a modern day advocate for wool. Through her fashion label Lady Kate, she wants to give all women the chance to learn just how beautiful 100% Australian merino wool is to wear and touch. She's also a mum to two young boys, and with her husband Gus, she runs an aviation business in Narrabri in north west NSW.

You can find her at or @ladykateknitware on Instagram."

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8—Interview with Cassie Cox (Married to the Land)

“Sometimes you will talk to people who just give you such simplicity when you are around them, this was the feeling I got with my guest today. Living on a remote cattle property bordering the Western Australia and NT with her husband and 2 children along with one on the way. The Cox family are giving life a red-hot crack, Cassie has definitely had her struggles but isolation has not been one of them she takes it in her stride. Welcome Cassie Cox.”

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9—Natasha Morgan and her Oak and Monkey Puzzle life (Futuresteading)

"Jade takes a peek inside the clever, creative and quietly brilliant world of Natasha Morgan.

Natasha is, in her own words, a landscape architect and urban designer by profession, and a multi-disciplinary creative collaborator by natural inclination. Anyone who’s been to Natasha’s design hub and home, Oak and Monkey Puzzle, can attest to that.

After throwing career caution to the wind and enrolling herself in the school of life, Natasha and family embarked on a major tree-change from Melbourne to a five acre property in rural Victoria, learning to live with the seasons, grow and gather, preserve, make and embed themselves in place.

This honest and passionate conversation reveals what it’s like to relinquish international renown and kindle a simple existence in partnership with nature. Clairvoyant chooks included."

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