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Behind the scenes at The Grampians Goods Co. X Provincial Hotel launch

Behind the scenes at The Grampians Goods Co. X Provincial Hotel launch

I've been so excited to share with you some behind the scenes insights into my amazing launch with Gorgi Coghlan at The Provincial Hotel that was one week ago today (I can't even believe how quickly that time has passed!)

As you may (or may not) know, the launch event was to celebrate The Grampians Goods Co. X The Provincial Hotel collaboration we've been working on behind the scenes, and is essentially a signature collection of natural, luxury guest amenities for the bathrooms of the stunning apartments and boutique rooms at the hotel.

Included in this bespoke co-branded collection is the all-new botanical hair care range; Shampoo & Conditioner in a delicious essential oil blend of lush Rosemary and fresh Spearmint, and my all-time bestselling Hand & Body Wash (known as Lather) in the ever-popular Grapefruit & Geranium essential oil blend. As an extra special addition, we also created a brand new bar soap, the Cleansing Body Brick with Grampians Olive Co. Olive Oil and Australian Kaolin Clay also in the Grapefruit & Geranium blend.

And finally, the ink blue packaging you might've seen is exclusive to The Provincial Hotel, making up a part of their unique brand identity and palette and has been a fun change of direction for me!

So Gorgi and the incredible team at The Provincial Hotel organised the glamorous morning dessert to celebrate, with Champagne, kombucha, and patisseries like Grapefruit macarons and Spearmint truffles matching the botanicals in the new range (mind-blowing attention to detail!) There was a bowl of geranium leaves offered to each guest to take one and tear it up to get the scent as they entered the room and wattle to celebrate the wild beauty of the Grampians - "We do things well!" said Gorgi (what an understatement!)

Before the event, I can't even tell you the nervousness! There's Gorgi being the ultimate professional as we pose for photos, and there's me trying to do an Instagram live selfie bending over to show the new products and leaning into a candle setting my hair on fire!

So I'll be honest and say that at no stage of the journey, from Gorgi first emailing me to even after the event did I not feel like a total fraud and imposter, feeling like, "Who even am I to be given such an amazing opportunity?" or, "Why should I be celebrated so warmly by complete strangers who have nothing but kindness and support for me and this little business?"

But here I am. And it was amazing, and it was so uplifting and I met so many wonderful, wonderful women who I now chat to on socials about all sorts of things, and my circle of friends just got a little bit bigger and I'm so thankful. So I'm going to run with it!

Watch this space!

Amanda xx

Photos by the lovely Teagan Glenane | and thanks to Country Road for my frock!

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