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Christmas The GGCo. Way // 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas The GGCo. Way // 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

We say it every year, but Christmas crept UP on us this year, right?! Time’s officially running out to get your Chrissy shop ticked off the ‘to do’ list, so we’ve created this ultimate GGCo. Gift Guide to make the process easier for you.

We’ve separated the gifts into four different categories; smaller stocking fillers, gifts for the outdoorsy people in your life, larger ‘heirloom’ gifts, and our carefully curated gift boxes. Enjoy!

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Gorgeous smaller gifts to pamper your loved ones with

Stocking up on smaller gifts is a *must* for the holiday season. You can use these special pressies as tokens of gratitude for the people in your life who’ve made your life just that little bit easier throughout the year; the teachers, friendly neighbours, employees. Or, you can have them on hand as stocking fillers to make sure everyone feels pampered this Christmas.

Here are some of our most popular small gifts to stock up on ✨

Aromatherapy Candles

Our aromatherapy candles are hand poured using eco-friendly soy waxes and infused with 100% bespoke pure essential oil blends, and we have a scent for every mood!

Perhaps you know someone who needs help switching off? Our Roman Chamomile and Lavandin candle is perfect for this.

Or perhaps you’d like to gift our Sweet Orange and Palmarosa candle? The recipient will enjoy greater mental clarity and a stronger connection with their inner self and spirit.

Our Frankincense & Myrrh Christmas Candle is another great option to bring that festive vibe in your spaces as Christmas nears.

READ MORE on the blog: Aromatherapy Candles — a Non-Toxic Alternative to Traditional Scented Candles

Pom-Pom Hand Towel

Our bespoke 100% cotton pom-pom hand towels are not only an extremely practical pressie, they’re also a beautiful way to bring a piece of Morocco into your loved ones homes.

Earlier this year, we teamed up with Virginia Affleck (nickname ‘Pin’), owner and Founder of Made in Tangier, to bring you this gorgeous artisan hand towel.

It’s the perfect stocking filler or Christmas gift for the teachers, healthcare workers, or hardworking friends and family members—classic and understated, providing a gorgeous sink-side experience when paired with our lathers or hand scrubs.

Australian Lemon Myrtle & Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser

Germs have always been there; on the kitchen bench, on your kids’ grubby little (adorable) hands—all over your house.

But in 2020, germs took on a more sinister meaning, and washing and sanitising our hands has become just about as second nature as checking Instagram.

Why not treat your loved ones with our ‘posh sano’—500ml Aromatic Lemon Myrtle & Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser, perfect for those who want to be responsible by sanitising regularly, but don’t wish to compromise on style or experience.

It’s naturally antibacterial, made with Australian grown lemon myrtle, and is certified laboratory tested to ensure it kills 99.99% of germs. Plus, we’ve added aloe vera to offset the drying effect of the alcohol which will soothe and nurture your hands with each use.
Grampians nude Soap

The Grampians Goods Co Signature Soaps & Scrubs

For a luxe self-care experience in the bathroom, look no further than our soaps and scrubs.

Handcrafted in small batches using traditional, cold-process soap making methods, locally-sourced Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Grampians Olive Co.

Try our Scotch Pine & Cedarwood Sandstone Soap Scrub with activated charcoal & Australian kaolin clay to draw out impurities and give you the ultimate cleanse.

Or perhaps our Grampians Grown Cleansing Body Brick in our Grapefruit & Geranium essential oil blend.For an economic option, why not try our Nude Soap Bundle which includes 3 soaps unpackaged (hence ‘nude’). This might be a great option if you’ve got lots of people to buy for, and you can even personalise the gift with your own beautiful gift wrapping touch.

grampians adventure life paddock pillows
Photo credit: @clancyjob

Gifts for the adventurer in your life

Is there someone in our life who always seems to be out on an adventure? Or someone you think could get out more?

We designed our range of Australian adventure essentials to be both durable and aesthetic, practical and luxurious. They’ll help your loved ones to adventure with just a touch of luxury, and a splash of comfort. And, they’re sure to elevate their outdoor aesthetic—hello drool-worthy Insta picnic shots!

adventure blanket outdoor picnic grampians goods co

All-Weather Adventure Blankets

Our All-Weather Adventure Blankets are Australian-made, authentic Scottish tartan wool picnic blankets, lined with an oilskin backing. They’re waterproof for those dewy summer morning picnics with the kids, packing down easily to fit in the picnic basket or in the car boot for impromptu road trip stop-offs.

You can also pre-order our Adventure Blankets in our new Antipodean Range… yay!

Paddock pillow Belinda Hold Cottage Tim Bean Photography - Grampians Goods Co

GGCo. Tartan Paddock Pillow

Our signature GGCo. Tartan Paddock Pillow™️are handmade in Victoria and are the ultimate outdoor comfort accessory. Cosying up around the fire pit or sipping Spring drinks by the creek, these rugged luxe cushions are picnic perfection.

These are also great for little adventurers, the aspiring adventurers or those just dipping their toes into the world of adventure!

Photo credit: Tim Bean + Belinda Neame

Recycled Wool Tartan & Check Blankets

Our Heritage Collection Tartan Blankets and Antipodean Picnic Check Blankets are also a great outdoor accessory for adventurers; wrapped around shivering shoulders on sunrise missions, or stashed in the car for spontaneous beach escapes… perfect.

Why not grab a Australian made, Genuine Leather Blanket Carrier while you’re at it? These beauties are handcrafted locally using leather from a Ballarat tannery and are a perfect addition to either your Heritage or Antipodean collection blankets.
pile of blankets grampians goods co
travel tin candles

Adventure scents

There’s nothing better than bringing nature’s scents inside. Try our Siberian Fir and Cedarwood Aromatherapy Candle, with its resinous, forest-like scent that provides “yang” masculine energy and a refreshing alloy of earthy and warm notes.

This blend grounds our inner self and brings out assertiveness, ambition and courage. Perfect for those people in your life who need a slight nudge to bring out their adventurous soul.

Our Travel Tin Candle is perfect for adventurers, too. It comes in its own little tin with a lid so that it can easily be stashed away in backpacks for fun times.

Remember to follow fire restrictions wherever you go though, and never leave a candle unattended.

And how about our Frankincense & Myrrh Christmas Candle for those Chrissy picnics? is another great option to bring that festive vibe in your spaces as Christmas nears.

grampians campfire cocoa

Grampians Campfire Cocoa

Who doesn’t love a hot cocoa around the campfire?! In this decadent drinking experience, we’ve blended rich, aromatic drinking chocolate by cocoa artisans, Grounded Pleasures, with natural pink salt (guradj gadjin), small-batch hand-harvested from Pink Lake Dimboola by local company Mount Zero Olives, in collaboration with the lake’s Traditional Owners, the Barengi Gadjin Land Council.

With high cocoa butter content, our melt-in-your-mouth Campfire Cocoa is served best blended with hot milk—dairy or otherwise— warmly invigorating the senses; it’s the perfect balance of bittersweet with a hint of salt, and it doesn’t clump in your cup!

Your adventurous friends will definitely be thanking you after a long day out hiking in the Aussie outdoors!

Blanket Belinda Hold Cottage Tim Bean Photography - Grampians Goods Co
Photo credit: Tim Bean + Belinda Neame

High quality heirloom gifts that will be treasured for generations

One of our greatest joys here at GGCo. is reading the personalised messages that people have sent through, which we then include in our (beautifully wrapped, if we do say so ourselves!) gift boxes.

Oftentimes, our customers gift their loved ones a Scottish Tartan Blanket to celebrate a graduation, a new job, or an engagement.

Other times, grandparents with Scottish heritage want to pass down a piece of their culture to their family.

Either way, receiving one of our blankets—either our Heritage Collection Scottish Tartan Blankets or our Antipodean Collection Picnic Check Blankets—is a special affair, one that counters the overly consumerist habits of today’s society.

blanket on white armchair hannah puechmarin albert and grace grampians goods co

Heritage Collection Scottish Tartan Blankets

Warm, soft, and snuggly, our Heritage Collection Tartan Recycled Wool Blankets will make a great addition to your loved ones’ homestead decor, adding subtle luxury and style.

They’re made with 75% recycled wool instead of virgin Merino wool fibre, making them an eco-friendly gifting option.
stack of antipodean blankets grampians goods go

Antipodean Collection Picnic Check Blankets

Our Antipodean Collection Picnic Check Blankets celebrates life’s vital opposites; expansion and contraction, yin and yang, chaos and comfort, hope and despair. We’re reminded that where shadow exists, so too does light; an ever-present equipoise bringing about stability, composure, equanimity…

Made with Recycled Wool, The Antipodean Collection Check Blankets are a bold take on our Heritage Collection; their contrasting colours symbolising the coexistence of light and dark within nature, and within ourselves.

This new range of blankets will make a fashionable addition to your loved ones’ home, and will stand the test of time to be passed down through the generations.
leather blanket carrier

Australian made, Genuine Leather Blanket Carrier

Our Australian made, Genuine Leather Blanket Carrier fits with both the Heritage and Antipodean Collections, and will make carrying blankets while out and about a breeze!

Handcrafted locally using leather from a Ballarat tannery, these carriers are well-made and will put the cherry on top of an already exquisite gifting experience.

ggco gift box made in tangier

Curated gift boxes & care kits

Our curated gift boxes are a huge hit, and we can see why! We’ve done all the hard work for you by hand-picking items from our collections that pair well together, and bundling them together to elevate the gifting experience.

We have a range of gift boxes to choose from, from picnic-themed boxes, to self-care focused gift boxes.

Picnic Perfect Grampians Gift Box

Our Picnic Perfect Grampians Gift Box will set your ‘gift recipient’ up with everything they need to picnic in style, any season of the year. They’ll be the happy new owner of two extra-large Paddock Pillows and one All-Weather Adventure Blanket.

You can customise the colour selection at checkout so that you have a perfect spread of colours, or perhaps a nicely matched set of similar colours.

Cosy Cocoa Kit

Enjoy a cosy Recycled Wool Blanket, some Grampians Campfire Cocoa, and a free Travel Tin Candle — the perfect care package beautifully boxed up with love.

Now, even though this is technically a winter gift box, we all know that summer campfires are to die for, right?

Your loved ones will be campfire ready with their Cosy Cocoa Kit, which has two blanket options; The Cosy Cocoa Kit with a Heritage Collection Blanket, or The Cosy Cocoa Kit with a Antipodean Collection Blanket.

Cabin Fever Care Combo

Cabin Fever Care Combo

We launched the Cabin Fever Care Combo as a special treat for our exhausted GGCo. fam who were homeschooling, working and trying to stay sane during all of the lockdowns.

But let’s be honest, we could all still do with a bit of self-care, right?

This kit comes with a Recycled Wool Scottish Tartan Blanket in your chosen colour, as well as one Grapefruit & Geranium Aromatherapy Candle, one Grapefruit & Geranium Lather // Hand & Body Wash 500mL, and one 250mL Lotion in a scent of your choice.

The Cabin Fever Care Combo is also available with one of our NEW Antipodean Check Blankets. Check it out here.

pom-pom hand towel made in tangier

Artisan Sink Side Gift Box

The Artisan Sink Side Gift Box gift box pairs our bespoke 100% cotton pom-pom hand towels with our Luxe Lather (500ml) and Luxe Lotion (500ml) in Grapefruit & Geranium, handcrafted in small batches using traditional soap making methods and locally-sourced Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Grampians Olive Co. and western Victorian hemp seed oil.

Combine this nurturing hand washing experience with our bespoke hand towels and you’re supporting both local Australian business, and the artisan weaving community in Tangier.
GGCo. First Defence Kit

GGCo. First Defence Kit

Why not gift your loved ones with something depressingly practical? We’re living in a new age, one where we can’t leave the house without saying “Face mask—check! Hand sani—check!”

We’ve bundled those essentials up in our GGCo. First Defence Kit. You’ll get one 500mL Hand Sanitiser with aromatic and anti-bacterial Lemon Myrtle essential oil and Aloe Vera, and one Hemp/Organic cotton double-layered face mask with space for a filter.

Gift Vouchers Available Year-Round

And finally, if you've missed the guaranteed Christmas delivery shipping cut-off date (December 12th this year), or perhaps you just can't decide on the right gift, remember that you can always buy a GGCo. Gift Voucher for your loved ones!

Hopefully you're brimming with pressie ideas nows! Make sure you join our VIP email list so you're always the first to know about special deals and new releases. We'll also send you inspiring stories from our community, interviews, explainers, and more.

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