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Meet Jessie from Peregrine Store

Meet Jessie from Peregrine Store

Community Musings Series ~ Profiling Members of Our Community

Peregrine Store opened its doors a year ago, after Jessie’s dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons, and she’d decided to move her family from NSW back to the Adelaide Hills to help with her parents’ farm.

At the time, Jessie identified a shop in town that had been sitting vacant for years. It was in a great location, but was completely covered with old yellowed newspaper—it needed a lot of work before they could open up!

With a weakness for Falcon enamelware, and local artisanal products, Jessie knew that Peregrine Store would be a great opportunity to showcase small businesses and her favourite brands from around the world.She was excited to curate a range of products that would help people to slow down, develop an appreciation for the present moment, and to get outside and connect with nature.

Now, raising two small kids, and managing both a farm and Peregrine Store, Jessie has a lot on her plate! Read on to learn more about her business, life and her connection to The Grampians Goods Co. products.

Peregrine Store Jessie Zarubin

Why does Peregrine Store exist and what is it about the store that you’re passionate about?

Back in NSW when I was a mental health nurse, I learnt the importance of grounding and just knowing how to be still. Before that role it had never occurred to me! I’d never really understood how vital it actually is for each of us to be able to break away from the everyday. It's a skill that, for most of us at least, doesn't come naturally.

I'm passionate about changing buyer behaviour, helping people to bring attention to what they buy; where they come from, what’s the purpose behind them, and so on.

Peregrine Store showroom

I love seeing our products spark memories and feelings of nostalgia in our customers, products like enamelware evoking memories of the years spent in the kitchen with family members, or the tartan blankets that were always draped on Nan’s armchair, ready for the picking on that cold evening gathered around the fireplace.

What products do you stock and why?

Each piece in the store is intended to help you ‘get back to basics’, and experience moments of mindfulness. We stock beautiful products for self care, products for the body and aromatherapy, as well as a selection of goods for sourdough making… things like that!

Peregrine Store shelf

We also have a range of products to help you get out in nature; bird watching, or doing things like mushrooming and foraging, or working with dried flowers. For the outdoorsman, we have ethically made camping and campfire products, as well as travel books designed for the wanderlust-prone.

We really try to help people bring out their artistic sides as well, with clay or watercolours, and for those who treasure gatherings and connection, we have beautiful local hand made platters from recycled wine barrels and enamelware.

Why is it that you love about stocking The Grampians Goods Co. products?

I recently had a customer pop some of GGCo. Geranium and Grapefruit lotion on her hands. She then left the store to have lunch with friends, only to return to the store an hour later, remarking that her hands smelt so delicious that she couldn’t resist coming back to buy a bottle.

The problem was that I only had the tester bottle left! She was so adamant that she needed this product that she bought the tester!

That's the thing that I find with Amanda's products—they have an impact on people.

While many products fall short on either design or functionality, the Homestead range is not only authentic and practical, but it’s also very beautiful!

I love unwrapping each delivery from GGCo. They’re always handled such care, and the entire experience is a joy to be a part of and I'm so proud to pass on this joy to my customers as a stockist of GGCo.

Connect with Jessie at Peregrine Store!

Visit Peregrine Store’s website for all their beautiful products, or say hi over at Instagram or Facebook.

Community Musings Series, Profiling Members of Our Community ~ Welcome to Community Musings, a journal series where we step into the lives of our community of business owners, creatives, free spirits and world-changers. We hope it helps you to connect with and learn from this incredible community, staying inspired and energised to do whatever it is you do best.

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