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Revealed — Salt Creek Cottage Styling Secrets

Revealed — Salt Creek Cottage Styling Secrets

Recently, Homes & Gardens UK featured our curated accommodation, Salt Creek Cottage, in their May 2021 issue. Since then, we’ve received a million and one DMs asking us about the details of the cottage… What colour is the wall? Where did you get that gorgeous wall light? Where on earth did you find that dining room furniture?!

So, I decided to let you all in on what we’re calling the ‘Salty Styling Secrets’, with the help of stylists Belle Hemming Bright and Lynda Gardener from Inside Story Studio, who helped myself (Amanda), to style our beloved Salty. This story also features beautiful photography by Marnie Hawson (all photos but this first one here, which was taken by Georgie Mann Photography).

Salt Creek Cottage - Georgie Mann Photography
Photo credit: Georgie Mann Photography

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But First—A Recap on The Salt Creek Cottage Styling Story

Salt Creek Cottage has been a whirlwind experience…

I didn’t even have a B&B when I decided to attend Sarah Andrews’ amazing workshop and course, The Hosting Masterclass in Melbourne. I’d adored it from afar for FAR too long, and longed to be a part of the magic. So, I booked my ticket, threw caution to the wind, and just went.

By the purest sequence of coincidental events, the prettiest little cottage was presented to me, just ONE DAY after I started the course.

This was an opportunity that I wasn’t going to miss; a chance to apply everything that I was learning at the masterclass. What a classic manifestation moment it was!

At the workshop, I met the incredible photographer Marnie Hawson who casually mentioned that she was doing style & shoot installs with Lynda Gardener and Belle Hemming Bright from Inside Story Studio.

I’d been a massive fan girl of all these clever powerhouse women for so long that I leapt at the chance to realise my dream; that is, to style an inspired space with some of my biggest interiors idols.

So, that was in November 2019.

Fast forward to 2021, and our little (but mighty) project, Salt Creek Cottage, has been featured numerous times in esteemed local and international print publications, online magazines and blogs, including Country Style Magazine, Good Weekend Magazine, and recently, Homes & Gardens UK.

We overcame multiple COVID lockdowns, supply issues, guest bookings needing to be cancelled… and we still made it out bouncing—you will rarely see Salty available, it’s been that popular!

After having all of these incredible features, I’ve started to get countless enquiries from guests and my Instagram community, asking me allll the details about Salt Creek Cottage.

Of course, I’m happy to answer, but I thought it would be much easier just to pop it all in a blog for you. If you do have questions though, feel free to reach out.

Ok, without further ado, here are our Salty Styling Secrets, divided into rooms for ease.

Homes & Gardens UK Features Salt Creek Cottage Pg 107
Homes & Gardens UK Feature—Page 107: "The bucolic Australian retreat was a passion project for owner Amanda Cochran — it also reflects the story of her inspiring business and its connection to the amazing landscape here" // Photo credit: Marnie Hawson


Sitting room


Homes & Gardens UK Features Salt Creek Cottage Pg 113
Homes & Gardens UK Feature—Page 113 // Photo credit: Marnie Hawson



Front verandah


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