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Our Roadside Picnic Packing List (With Belinda from Hold Cottage)

Our Roadside Picnic Packing List (With Belinda from Hold Cottage)

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We love a roadside picnic when we’re road tripping across regional Australia. It gives us such a sense of freedom and ease, being able to stop anywhere along our journey and pile out of the car, set up under a towering eucalyptus grove, and stretching out our cramped bodies.

We always have our ‘picnic kit’ ready to go, and we prepare some fresh food and warm drinks before we go.

I’m a big believer in not saving your ‘good things’ for a special occasion. You should surround yourself with beautiful things every single day. If you’ve made the investment in beautiful wares, then use them.

All images by Tim Bean Photography

And when you’re going on a road trip, you can take all those extra trimmings that you wouldn’t take if you were taking a flight, or going camping.

So, instead of filling your picnic basket with plastic plates and paper napkins, why not pack your favourite ceramics, linen and blankets?

I love packing beautiful ceramic plates, bowls and cups, as well as Nanna’s treasured cutlery, and some beautiful linen tea towels. And, most importantly we always love to pack a thermos filled with piping hot tea, and a freshly baked cake.

Then, we set everything up on our gorgeous tartan picnic blanket, with our tartan paddock pillows for extra comfort, and... we picnic.

If it’s cold we pop on our woollen sweater, or throw a woollen blanket around our shoulders, before packing everything up to hop on the road again, where adventure surely awaits...

Our Roadside Picnic Packing List

Have you met Belinda?

In our 60 Seconds With series, we got to know Belinda's taste in music, books, magazines, and more. She even shared with us a couple of recipes—winter warmers for a snuggly day by the fire.

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